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December and the City Again

We embarked on our second STAC journey on December 14, 2018. The adrenaline had been building up through every fiber of our beings as we waited for the bus to round the corner. It hadn’t even been two seconds before it halted to a stop as we bounced with joy, slowly hopping onto each step […]

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Puppy's First Shostegigi

So, I have Tourette Syndrome which means I make weird noises and movements sometimes yada yada yada. Luke nicknamed me “Puppy,” because when I make the  weird sounds I apparently sound like a small, helpless animal...a puppy. I don't mind this name at all, in fact, I kind of like it! I know it's out […]

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STACsgiving was Awesome

STACsgiving happens but once a year...

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The White Album

The Beatles White Album was remixed and mastered...

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Week of November 5

End of the 1st Quarter and so much work to see.

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