About The Director

Luke DeLalio has been the director of STAC since 2003. He brings a very wide range of abilities and experiences to the students of the program.

After graduating Purdue University in 1981 with a degree in Theatre Sound Design, Luke worked as a guitarist and gradually moved into freelance record production and audio engineering. By the mid 1990's he was doing over 300 recording sessions a year in addition to live sound engineering around the world. Although he was particularly in demand for independent rock bands, Luke also recorded or produced jingles, jazz albums, punk records, rap, R&B, and classical voice and orchestra recordings. However, his producing career was cut short by tinnitus, a common occurrence in the music business. Rather than get a typical day job, Luke decided to go into theatre.

Luke began directing plays and teaching acting in 1997. He has directed straight plays, comedies, musicals and operas, and has worked both regionally and off-Broadway. Concurrent with his directing, Luke started shooting actors' headshots. His photos have appeared in numerous Playbills for many Broadway shows as well as The New York Times and Time Out NY.

Currently, Luke is mainly working in the visual arts. He is a well-known fine artist on Long Island, exhibiting photographs, painting and drawings in solo shows at several commercial galleries. Luke also does graphic and web design, in addition to marketing and branding consultation.

Somehow, Luke managed to marry opera singer Tammy Hensrud, has raised two children - both in the performing arts - and earned an MFA degree in Interdisciplinary Art (concentrating in fine art and playwriting) from Goddard College.

Luke does not know what he wants to try next... he does love to cook, and the students of STAC can testify that he makes a killer risotto, a fabulous sauerbraten, and knows his cheeses.