A Manifesto for the New Year

A Manifesto for the New Year


We've been looking into art manifestos, in case you missed the whole point of the installation at the Park Avenue Armory. Now you're going to write your personal manifesto, then make a video for it. Fun!

  • 1st Written Draft: Thursday, December 22nd
  • Final Written Draft: Thursday, January 5th
  • Final Video: Monday, January 9th


There are many forms a manifesto can assume, from something that is all text to something that is decorated and more of a visual work of art than words.Likewise, there are many forms your finished video can take as well, from a simple clip of you speaking to using stock footage to something elaborate you film yourself. Hopefully the form of your video helps to convey the message of your manifesto.

This particular assignment is happening on the cusp of the New Year, hence you might see it as an extensive New Years Resolution, but that isn't what a manifesto is.

The word Manifesto is rooted in latin, its original meaning: "To make clear or conspicuous." Your manifesto should make clear and conspicuous your intentions. Your intentions towards what or whom, you may ask. Why, your intentions towards yourself, of course.

We are not here to be satisfied. There is no art without dissatisfaction. There is no life without dissatisfaction. A plant grows because it has had it with being a seed. Likewise butterflies come from caterpillars that are so done with looking ugly and being bird food.

You, too, should be fed up and done with it. Find the nonsense and knock it off. Find the goal and line up your sites on it. Choose what you're going to do, how you're going to pursue happiness, and how you'll deal with what gets in the way.

Be sincere. You have a chance to do something relevant and powerful for yourself. So do it. Make a manifesto that is important for you.

Conspicuous. Manifestos are conspicuous. Your's should be too. Post it up on your website when it is done. And then live it and stop screwing around.