Artist's Bio

Artist's Bio


You have to read the biography of an artist that you relate to, in your area of concentration or "field of endeavor."


This assignment is something you complete on your own, and there will be a summation type project of it at the end of the quarter. You can get your book from the library, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, whatever. It should be at an appropriate level, i.e., you're in high school and your book needs to be written at least at that level. It shouldn't be a book that is mainly pictures, it needs to have words and lots of them.

Once you find a potential book to read, you'll have to bounce the idea off of me — do this before you buy the book! Get your ideas to me by Wednesday, Sept. 21, so you can get your book and start reading it by next week.

Let me know when you've finished reading so I can give you the next part of the assignment. You should have it finished by the last week in October (by October 28th). If you finish it before that, that's fine.