Blog Post: A Future Memoir

Blog Post: A Future Memoir


It is several years, perhaps many, into your future. You wake up on a beautiful morning and everything is fine. You're in third person. Tell us about this particular, simple, typical day in your future. Where are you? What is around you? What do you do on this particular day?

Due: Sunday, Dec 4th by midnight.


Be creative and have fun, but keep it within the realm of realism - can you write about something that is actually possible? Can you project yourself forward and get a glimpse of a typical day in your great life? This isn't the best day in your life, not the most momentous or exciting. It is a simple day - you get up and do what you normally do, in a future that is something you love.


This is due by noon on Sunday, 12/4/16 by midnight. You need to email me the link to your blogpost

The Subject line is as follows: Blog Post Q2-2 – Your Name.