Blog Post: the Artist's Biography

Blog Post: the Artist's Biography


On your new, or recently reconstituted website, write a blog post regarding the artist's biography you read for Q1.  500 words.

Due: Wed, Nov 23th by midnight.


This certainly isn't a book report, or a review.

Remember, the point of everything is for you to gain power, and that is always what you should be most interested in, and it is always the topic I will find most interesting regarding everything you do. And for your part, you need to treat literally everything as a potential source of power. Power for us is making decisions and following through. This list is also helpful:

  • If it gives you knowledge, it gives you power
  • If you are inspired, you get power
  • If it pushes you in a new direction of action, it gives you power
  • If it is a struggle and you conquer it, you have more power
  • If you make cogent decisions, right or wrong, there's power there
  • If you finish, finishing is power

Where is the book a source of power for YOU? Were there specific ideas about art/work/life that you can take away and can apply? Are you inspired? Does the book contain an answer to a question? Does the life of the artist give you permission, or grant you freedom? Do you find a role model in the book? Do you see yourself as you want to be? Does it describe a life you wish you had in some way? Did the book change the way you look at the world?

Notice the word that keeps coming up is You You You... understand that?

Now, what if you didn't read it, or read and gave up. Obviously this is a problem and it will cause you trouble. The democrats lost the election, and what they are all doing today is analyzing that lost and trying to learn a lesson from it. You can do the same thing. You should do the same thing. In 500 words. Why didn't you finish this? Did you not choose a book? Did you choose and then not get the book? Did you start and not finish? What are the decisions you made, or that you didn't make (and were thusly made for you by time and happenstance). What happened in you thinking to cause this issue? Is there a way to arrange things so it doesn't happen again?

This is due by noon on Wednesday, 11/23/16 by midnight. You need to email me the link to your blogpost

The Subject line is as follows: Blog Post Q2-1 – Your Name.