Portraits and Heros

Portraits and Heros


You'll be working with Emil Cohen to come up with a portrait photograph of someone in the class (and someone will shoot a portrait of you). These will be used on your upcoming website project. Additionally, you'll be shooting a Hero Image for your own website.

So, to recap: workshop with Emil, shooting a portrait of someone else, shooting a hero for yourself.


Emil Cohen is a STAC Alumnus who is now working as a professional photographer in NYC, Rhode Island, and all over in general. He specializes in portraiture and has been very busy this election season shooting politicians including Hillary Clinton. While in STAC Emil sang, acted, and also did a lot of design and art.

You'll have three sessions with Emil:

  1. Sept 8th: Introducing the project
  2. Sept 13th: Shooting Section A
  3. Sept 15th: Shooting Section B
  4. Sept 21th: Critique Section A
  5. Sept 23rd: Critique Section B

Note that on the shooting days, the 13th and the 15th, the class will be split into two sections to maximize time with Emil.

Final photos are due the evening of September 18th so they can be compiled for the final critique.

It's fine if you use a SmartPhone camera - in fact, it is encouraged - and it is also fine if you have a "big" camera to shoot with.


When you've finished your shooting, have selected your images, and have managed to digest the workshop, you need to document it with a ReadyMag (we are documenting everything with ReadyMag for a bit).

  • An introduction page, describing the assignment/workshop
  • A quick Bio and a picture of Emil Cohen (the guy who ran the workshop)
  • Photos you shot, such that we can see the progression of your thinking. ReadyMag has slideshow capabilities, you know...
  • Your critique of three pictures you shot - they can be good pictures, they can be awful with harsh critiques
  • A photo taken by a classmate (from the workshop, not something you find on their website), and a critique of why you like it
  • A summation - what was the experience like, what did you learn, what do you take away heading from it for the future.

Email me the link by Monday, Sept.26th. The subject line is Photo 1 ReadyMag - your name



Emil wants you to look at all of the below by Tuesday so you're better prepared for discussion and shooting.

Some links regarding Hero Images: