Targeted Independent Projects

Due Dates

  • Due on: 12/06/2018
  • Assigned: 11/07/2018
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Targeted Independent Projects

Independent Projects with a Specific Purpose

After reading your Q1 summations and looking at your progress thus far, you've been assigned a project for the next few weeks to pull you a bit further from where you were and work on some of the habits that get in your way.

You really have to stop thinking so much and just get to it. Shoot. Write. Paint. Draw.

Some of the painters have been assigned particular artists to model. The artist you've been assigned is an expert at something you are weak at. Remember that the idea isn't to slavishly copy, but rather to look at what the artist does really well and learn from that. SO... steal small things, I guess, would be the way to describe it.

The actors: you just have to roll with the punches on this particular project, because as of yet we don't know how it will wind up or what the final format will be, aside from you will be performing.

Some of you are working individually, some are working in small groups. You have 15 days of class time. Knock it out.