The Horror Film

The Horror Film


Make a short (approx. 5 minute) horror film. It can be scary, funny, contemplative - any sub-genre.
Due on Nov 4th by 12:00 noon

You can assign roles in the group however you see fit. Not everyone has to do everything, so, as an example, someone could edit the film and only work on it the 3 days of the project cycle and not participate in the shooting, acting, etc. You can use people outside of class as cast members, but not as technical personnel. All lead characters must be from STAC.

Organize your production schedule around the month calendar that was handed out. Remember, your group has to attend STAC art on the 18th or the 20th, and that a maximum of 15 people can be at any particular STAC Art session. Remember too that we have two trips planned - on the Friday the 21st and Friday the 28th. Below are possible milestones in the project that you can use as a means of organizing your project planning.

Possible Milestones

  • First draft of script/treatment
  • Shooting script
  • Props/Costume/Locations Plot
  • Props/Costume collection completed
  • 1st day of shooting
  • 3/4 shooting completed
  • Shooting finished
  • 1st day of editing
  • Complete rough edit
  • Final edit

Locations and Logistics

Non-school locations can be shot after school and on weekends, or during STAC provided permission slips are completed. Figure out your technical resources easy so we can arrange cameras, editing stations, etc.

Project Board

It is a requirement that you have a Project Board set up and that you keep it updated for the duration of the project. It must be clear from the board what the entire group is working on and where group members are doing that work. The project board must be accessible to all group members as well as me. 


Send your film in via to The subject must read, “group-name horror-film-final.” Due 10/27 at 12 noon.