The Third ReadyMag

The Third ReadyMag


A ReadyMag for the end of the First Quarter, in which you do something that makes you powerful.

Due: Monday, Nov 14th by 9:00 pm.


This is a hard one, because it is very open ended. It is meant as a test of your creativity, decision making ability, and the amount of energy (passion?) you can throw at a project.

It has both a visual and a written component.

It can be blogpost like, but it goes beyond that.

It can be about an event - an art show, a play, but it goes beyond a review.

It can be a presentation of your work, but it goes beyond a slideshow.

It goes beyond... into what you take away from the event or the work that you can actually use in your own work or life. What is the lesson? What is the fatal flaw to be fixed?

The Readymade itself could be the work of art, a project that pushes you in a direction you've never gone in, an exploration to a land you'd never thought to visit. Perhaps you come up with a ReadyMag idea that is beyond you to execute - is the power for you in the attempt? Is there power in the wrestling to get it accomplished?

Or is it about improving your ability to design? Or your ability to curate your own work?

Did you make a movie? Did you remake it 3 times and you still think there are problems with it? What needs to be fixed? What did you gain from the experience?

What did you gain from the experience?

This is due by noon on Monday, 11/14/16 by 9pm. You need to email me the link to your ReadyMag.

The Subject line is as follows: Third ReadyMag – Your Name.