Twitter Fiction

Twitter Fiction


Using Jennifer Egan's Black Box as inspiration, concoct a piece of short fiction based on Twitter (140 characters maximum per "tweet"/paragraph/idea) and things like links and hashtags. The piece can be interactive and multimedia. You'll publish the piece online using ReadyMag, which gives you a maximum of 10 pages.


Jennifer Egan is a writer best known for her novel A Visit from the Goon Squad, which won the 2010 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction, and the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. She has a very interesting website hereBlack Box was written for The New Yorker, but was originally "performed" live over Twitter.

Here is a copy of Black Box you can read.

Consider the Affordances of Twitter as you construct your piece. If you're not familiar with Twitter you will have to do some research on it. How do you stretch the medium like Ms. Egan did? How do you maintain your own particular artist's voice? How do you incorporate additional media?

Use ReadyMag as your publishing platform. You don't need a Twitter account to pull off the assignment, but if you wish to incorporate some sort of performative component to it, please do.

This is due the evening of September 28th. Send me an email with the link to your ReadyMag. Label the subject line Twitter-Fiction Your Name.