Web Assignment 1

Web Assignment 1

You'll be working with your own website on this project, programming and designing it using Word Press. For those of you with an existing site, you'll be doing updates. For those of you new to this, you'll have to get a domain, pick a theme, etc., etc.

Outcomes and Deliverables

You will have a website up at the end of the quarter. At a minimum on it has to be a bio, some examples of your work, a contact form, and a resume.

Freshmen and Sophomores: you can use wordpress.com for your website, which is a free service.

Juniors and seniors: you are required to own your domain name (like I own lukedelalio.com) and use a hosted package for your site. Further, your site is required to have a portfolio section, especially those of you applying to college/performance art programs.