Website Level 1

Due Dates

  • Due on: 01/18/2019
  • Assigned: 12/11/2018
  • Deliverables: Finished Website
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Website Level 1

Welcome to the wonderful, awful world of Web Design. You are going to enter into it by building your own website.

We will be using the WordPress platform to build sites rather than Wix or Squarespace or Weebly or one of those services that make it easy to the point of mindlessness. WordPress overall is more powerful than those services, and since the platform powers 30% of the Internet, there are job opportunities if you get competent with it.

If you're a freshman or a sophomore, you can use the free service,, to build your site. If you're a junior or senior, you have to buy a domain name and hosting and build an actual proper website.

Go to, set up an account (using the password security ideas I explained to you) and get started.

Your site needs the following sections:

  1. A homepage
  2. A contact page (using a contact form)
  3. An about page (with a bio and a resume on it)
  4. A gallery section (so people can see your artwork)
  5. A blog section (so you can start a blogging practice)

WordPress is very well documented, and there are tutorials everywhere. There are a bunch of them on YouTube that were made specifically for you all. They are a few years old and things on the web change quickly, but the basic concepts are the same even if things look a little bit different now. Below are a few from YouTube: