Website Project

Website Project


Make a personal website using WordPress.

Due on Nov 14th by 9:00 pm

Some of you already have websites up, others of you are starting from scratch. If your site is already up then it needs an update. Those without a site up will have to build it.

We are no longer using GoDaddy as our recommended provider as they’ve changed their pricing structure. We are now using 2M Host.


Your website is a personal site that expresses you and promotes your brand. Think of it as something that collects everything you do and puts it into one easy place. It should have the following:

  • A bio page
  • Your resume (if you don’t have a resume you need to make one).
  • A blog - very important for the rest of the year in STAC.
  • Your social links - connections to Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.
  • A contact page - best to do this using a plugin like Contact Form 7.
  • Your work, collected - so posts of you art, your writings, etc.
  • It should be responsive - ie, it should work on your smartphone.

Building a website is a big task, so break it down into pieces to get it accomplished.

Possible Milestones

  • Rough Design/Design Sketches
  • Get your domain and hosting via 2M Host
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose a theme
  • Make your Main Web Pages
  • Make Your Main Menu
  • Activate your blog
  • Upload art, photographs, sound files, etc.


WordPress is completely online, so you can work on it using any computer, including computers at home or school, on a smartphone or a tablet. Let me know if your computer access is limited so we can find a way to fix that.



Send your URL to The subject line must read, “your_name website.” Due 11/4 at 12 noon.