STAC is project based, and students are continually working on projects in small groups, as an entire class or individually. Some projects are assigned and are very specific, but students in STAC have the option to develop and execute their own independent projects whenever they wish.

Independent project are very popular with students in the program. They allow an unprecedented amount of freedom for students to explore almost anything they wish.

January 14, 2019
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A documentary by Vika Longi about the DADA Art Movement.

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Zombie Cult Commercial

A commercial advertising STAC as a cult... this was made at the height of the whole "STAC is a cult" nonsense of the mid-2000'a... the things we put up with.

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Find True Love in STAC

2008 - 2009 was a great year for commercials, this being one of the best from that year. The facial expression at the ending from Andrew Stein is priceless.

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The Odds Are Good

But the Goods Are Odd... Two commercials by Anika Boduch, featuring her make-up and camera/editing skills. 2013 - 2014

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Behind the Door

A series of 5 STAC commercials made principally by Danny Magaldi. These weren't shown over the school's CCTV system because they were "too racy" and might encourage students to eat each other. 2013 - 2014

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The Fridge

A STAC commercial featuring Jill Stacom and our refrigerator...

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Anti Bullying PSA's

STACies know quite a bit about bullying and made a series of PSA's regarding it.

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End of the year montages - a collection of memories.

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