Grace Kwan Seghini

Grace Kwan Seghini, 2009

STAC provided a vital platform for my artistic and professional growth; not often is a teenager exposed to such a variety of mediums of expression, especially in the arts. While my main discipline in the company was for dance, I also was able to dabble in writing, directing, acting, video editing, and studio art. STAC also helped me become a much more conscious thinker; too often as students we become drones to what our teachers tell us and act without purpose. STAC questions and challenges your mind, while you also begin to form your own view on not just your own art, but on the direction you want to take your life in.
I auditioned for STAC three years in a row, learning the importance of perseverance, which is needed throughout ones life. As I continue to pursue a career as a professional dancer in New York City, rejection does not phase me, and I continue to push myself because I know I can create my own success even when others doubt me. While I might not have known it at the time, STAC gave me that drive.

SUNY New Paltz

Professional Dancer/Cheerleader for Gotham City Cheerleaders, Brand Ambassador, Fulfillment Specialist, and Studio Booking Associate (I like being busy!)