Peter Grisafi

Peter Grisafi, 2007

Actualizing my creative potential started in STAC. Every creative thinker has an enormous power within themselves, which most keep dormant. However, we can learn early in our adolescence how to give birth to these ideas - the pain of labor notwithstanding - nurturing this creativity through the remainder of our journey.

STAC breaks the day's monotony, breathing life not only into the work in class, but into how we act, speak, and think outside of it. The program is built on camaraderie amongst likeminded people and therefore teaches the invaluable skill sets of not just thinking independently, but communicating effectively to and engaging purposefully with peers.

And if nothing else, STAC feeds the curiosity inside of us that we are all in danger of letting die.

New York University

Full-time photographer/editor by day, startup owner on nights and weekends.