Tara Fortunato

Tara Fortunato, 2009

STAC empowered me.
STAC taught me how to be a public speaker.
STAC pushed me outside of my comfort zone.
STAC validated my talents.
STAC taught me how to perform.
STAC taught me how to proudly take a bow.
STAC taught me how to improv.
STAC taught me how to stand tall in-front of strangers.
STAC taught me how to present my work with pride.
STAC taught me how to showcase my opinions.
STAC taught me tolerance.
STAC taught me compassion.
STAC gave me confidence, self-worth, and a purpose when I needed it the most....
I cannot advocate for this program enough. High School was not my thing. (To say the least). I was a C student and barely graduated because I had so many absences. Being a teenager was very difficult for me. This program was the only thing I looked forward to during my day. It built up my confidence, and gave me a sense of belonging. I worked toward goals, and when I reached them I felt accomplished. A feeling that would eventually drive me to be the best at anything I did.

I graduated Business School in September in the top 10 percent of my class, Cum Laude with Honors. The "skills" I left High School with, the ones that made me successful I did not learn in algebra, or science. I learned them in STAC.
Bottom line: I do not believe I would be this version of myself without my time in STAC. I do not think I would have had the self worth to unleash my own potential.

Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School
Currently ppplying to Law Schools!