STACsgiving was Awesome

STACsgiving was Awesome

An unfortunate reality of growing older is the gradual loss of holiday celebrations in school. In highschool especially, fun seems to be on the bottom of everyone’s priority list as opposed to the crowd favorite kindergarten where everyday seems to be a party. In STAC, however, we manage to have both large work output as well as the occasional off day. One of our annual celebrations is “STACSGIVING," a play on words deriving from “Thanksgiving," a holiday almost every American is familiar with. Each year, one day before we start Thanksgiving break, all of the students in STAC come together and contribute whatever they can to create a feast like no other, a feast that not even our entire class could finish.

If you were to walk into STAC this year on STACSGIVING at the start of the period, it would be understandable for you to have been at first deceived. You would have been met with an ordinary looking classroom with no food in sight. But, when everyone was done shuffling in from their last class, the room transformed before your eyes.

Tables moved across the room forming one large dining table. One of the tables, deemed our buffet table, was dressed in a festive tablecloth, ready for our prized dishes. The display was not that of the ordinary juice box and chocolate chip cookie combo, it was one of: hand made spring rolls from one of our freshman, Jeremy, four trays of restaurant quality chinese food from another freshman, Christy, a tray full of questionable mac and cheese from our seniors as well as a much less questionable tasting croc-pot of mashed potatoes, homemade spanakopita from our in-house Greek, Styliani, a delicious serving of eggplant parmigiana from our in-house grandma in training, Audrey, and an unorthodox yet fantastic tasting Hungarian beef stew from our very own teacher, Luke. And so, after the food was laid out, the feast began. The rest of the day was full of smiles and full stomachs, the perfect end to the last school day before break.

Our celebration not only shows our love for food and awareness for a needed break, but it also alludes to the relationship that every student forms when joining STAC. Every class strives to be as close to a family as possible, and in STAC we achieve that. Everyone participates in STACSGIVING, and everyone does so willingly. If a student is not bringing in a dish, they are probably contributing drinks, utensils, plates, or napkins.
Instead of forming our own little cliques and sitting in different areas of the room, we sat together because we are all friends. In fact, the food is really just an accessory to the bonds that have been formed throughout the first few weeks of the class. STAC is an experience like no other in high school, and STACSGIVING is just one of the unique experiences available in the program. No matter how old you are, everyone could use a break every once in a while, and in STAC we provide that.

-- Giacomo Scilla '19