Ashley Coppolino

Ashley Coppolino, 2012

In STAC, I always found myself taking control of photography projects and directing films. Fast-forward to three years after high school, and I worked as a photographer at Nickelodeon and am currently a production management assistant at MTV. Thank you, STAC.

Marymount Manhattan

Photography & Production Management and Nickelodeon

Bruce Caplin, JD CPDT CDBC, 1982

Three words-- creative problem solving. This is a gift Ron taught us and forever has influenced my life.

Certified Animal Behaviorist. Expert witness services

Nicholas McGowan-Filippi, 2010

STAC taught me to follow any and all interest I have. STAC taught me to not over think my work and just get it done, no matter what that may be. As a result of this mindset, I have been able to follow my dreams of gigging and getting paid to do what I love. Onwards and always upwards.

Touring Musician

Eddee Kolos, 1982

It gave me a bit of much needed confidence in my own competence.
It opened my eyes to the world of theatre in NYC and beyond.

NYU, SUNY Purchase, CSUN

Parent, Make art, Work in film/tv production, Teach

Brian McCormick, 1980

A few years ago when I was out with a group of NYC high school students at BAM, sitting two rows behind us was Mr. Demaio with a bunch of STAC kids. It was like looking into a mirror of the past that never left.

SUNY Binghamton; The New School

Teach media design; teach after school arts education programs

Sara Fastow, 2007

Thanks to STAC, I already knew about 50% of the information I was supposed to learn for the first time in college. I'm not just talking about my ballet pedagogy degree and English minor. I remember talking to a recording engineering major my first week of college, and his genuine surprise at discovering I wasn't in his major, because thanks to STAC, I knew about as much about sound recording as he did. STAC gave me an amazing foundation for a career in the arts. But even more than that, it forced me to stretch my boundaries as a person, to take risks in front of my peers, and to be accountable for my own creations - skills that anyone in any field would find useful.

Hartt School at the University of Hartford

Professional Dancer

Becky Kalman, 2010

It pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I continue to be open to try lots of different things because that's what STAC was all about. I take more risks. It gave me an appreciation for film, design, and fine art. It made me more open minded about art, our society, politics, and people. It gave me confidence in myself and my talents. It taught me that it's okay to suck at something - that doesn't make you a bad person and it doesn't mean you're not talented.

Wagner College

Act, Sing, Dance

Jillian Valletutti, 2004

I loved high school. I had friends, I had passion and I had great teachers. STAC not only gave me friends, passion and a great teacher but it gave me a family and place to call home. STAC gave me the self-confidence I needed to move on to college and grad school, get my teaching degree and become the teacher I am today. Without that, I don't know where I'd be today!



Shawn Cheng, 1998

Being in STAC made me more confident and outgoing. It also exposed me to a wide range of culture (theater, film, art) that I did not get in my other classes.

Yale University

Artist, Graphic Designer