What is STAC

STAC is Unique

STAC is an alternative arts program that is unique to Herricks High School: there is literally no other program like it in the world.

STAC is worth 2 elective credits and 1/2 art credit. The class meets five days a week for the last three periods of the day - from 12:40 to 2:50pm, and the schedule has flex such that kids in STAC can still take music classes.

STAC is multidisciplinary, and the core curriculum covers theatre, music, fine art (painting and drawing), writing, filmmaking, photography, art history, design, etc. This provides students with a broad base in creative thinking, and room to try new things and discover their individual talents and abilities. Most students in STAC also specialize somewhat, and the program also provides for that: plenty of time to concentrate and get really good at painting, or acting, or design, or filmmaking, etc.

STAC is very hands-on. There is very little lecture, and virtually everything is project based. Students work individually, in small groups, and as an entire class. Projects are sometimes assigned, but often students design their own based on their interests. There are also workshops (again, all hands-on) with visiting artists, field trips to NYC (we go on a lot of field trips), and performance and gallery show opportunities outside of the school. We also watch and make movies, write plays, and everyone learns to write a resume, a cover letter, and present themselves in front of an audience. Everyone builds their own website (this helps with getting into college).

There is a lot of freedom in STAC, but with it comes a lot of responsibility. A student graduates STAC with excellent problem solving skills, adaptability, and a confident attitude. 100% of STAC students go on to college and typically do very well - they often report that the first 2 years are easy.