One Liners

A One Liner is a drawing style perfected by artist Cathryn Mezzo. The basic idea is simple: you put a pen down on the paper and draw and an entire picture without lifting it, or lifting it only a few times. The result can range from highly stylized to very accurate depending on the effect the artist wants.

Cathryn's free form process with One Liners includes adding color with a variety of different media - paint, water soluble crayons, ink - and cutting up the drawing and repositioning parts of it, or adding water to blur or ghost out lines.

The goal of the Workshop is for the STAC students to not only improve their drawing and color skills, but to develop a sense of freedom and looseness to their work. Too often student work is tight, stiff, and trying to hard to be realistic. Work coming out of this workshop should be vibrant and carefree, and as a student get more comfortable with not worrying about realism or "is this good, is this bad," they should expect the quality of their drawings to improve drastically.

We'll also be filling up notebooks for this workshop, so the general structure will be a demonstration/work session, followed by a few weeks of individual work in sketchbooks, followed by a critique and a displaying of the work. We'll repeat this process, starting with monochrome sketches, then adding color, exploring cropping, simplified animal forms and simplified facial proportions.

Workshop Leader